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10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed In Red Dead Online | Game Rant – GameRant

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Playing Red Dead Online will give players the chance to complete missions with friends and cause chaos in the Wild West. For some players, going on the search for Easter eggs offers a bit more fun. Easter eggs can come in the form of something out of place in the world while others might take some pop culture knowledge to catch.

Unlike some Easter eggs, Red Dead Online has some unique ones that only appear in multiplayer. Some Easter eggs require players to have a role as well. With how big the world of Red Dead is, missing a few references here and there should be expected.

10 A Tiny Church In The Swamp

A Tiny Church In The Swamp located near St. Denis

When traveling through Bayou Nwa, players most likely will not ride off the road. Alligators will be found hiding out in the grass and in the swamp waters. This is enough to make anybody avoid the swamps. However, brave players can find something unexpected.

Right outside of St. Denis, players can find a miniature church. It is a little ways off the road, close to where Lakay is. Players can venture into the church by crouching through the front door. Aside from being an interesting location, the church also makes a good backdrop for posse photos.

9 Can Find Red Harlow’s House

A view of Two Crows

Between the locations of Armadillo and Riley’s Charge in New Austin, players can find an abandoned farm called Two Crows. It might not seem like anything special, but it will look familiar to anyone who played Red Dead Revolver. Two Crows takes on a look similar to Red Harlow’s original home.

In the beginning of Red Dead Revolver, the house is burned down and Red’s parents are killed. There is even a grave near the main house. The story of Revolver is regarded as a legend in the Redemption world, but maybe this area is what started the legend.

8 Bounty Hunter’s Name Is Western Movie Reference

The main woman behind the bounty hunter role

When players first get introduced to the bounty hunting role, a woman will ride to the sheriff’s office with a wagon. She will reveal she is a bounty hunter and ask the player if they want to join the profession. She will then give the rundown of how the role works and what the player needs to do.

Players might notice that they never get to know her real name. Instead, she is only referred to as The Woman With No Name in the credits. This is also the name of Clint Eastwood’s character in the Dollars Trilogy, with Eastwood’s character being called The Man With No Name.

7 Grave References Clint Eastwood Role

A grave that is located in Coot's Chapel

Much like the last reference, this one also refers to Clint Eastwood’s character. If players travel to Coot’s Chapel near Armadillo, they can find a grave of a mystery man. Located to the right of the church, there is a grave that only says ‘Cowboy.’

Underneath the name is also the title ‘Cowboy of no name.’ The mysterious cowboy also died in 1897, one year before Red Dead Online. Perhaps the Man With No Name made his way to Armadillo.

6 Protagonists’ Outfits Available To Player

Arthur's outfit and John's outfits available to the online protagonist

Players who liked Arthur’s outfit are able to get it in Red Dead Online. By reaching tier 100 in the second Outlaw Pass, a variation of Arthur’s outfit would be unlocked. Instead of its normal name, the outfit would be called The Haraway.

John’s outfit from Red Dead 2’s epilogue can also be unlocked as an outfit. It features a beta look for the outfit, allowing players to let their inner John Marston out. The outfit can also be unlocked through the second Outlaw Pass, this time under the name The Clelland.

5 A Serial Killer’s Revolver

Edmund Lowry's being held by a player

Players are able to obtain the revolver of the serial killer Edmund Lowry. The revolver looks like it is covered in blood and has ‘YOU’RE NEXT’ written on the barrel. To unlock this revolver, the player will need to solve a mystery in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Solving the mystery in GTA Online and killing 50 NPCs will unlock the weapon for Red Dead Online. Players can also buy a normal Navy Revolver, but this version offers something unique. Plus, who wouldn’t want to role-play a psychopath?

4 Madam Nazar Makes Predictions

Madam Nazar holding a pigeon and talking to the player

When players join the collector’s role, they will be introduced to Madam Nazar. When near her caravan, she will make references to events of Red Dead II. These are predictions, as Red Dead Online is set in 1898 and Red Dead II is set in 1899. She can make references to events of the story or references to areas in the game.

Madam Nazar even makes a reference to the Van Der Linde gang coming into the region. She also makes a reference to the bridge John Marston and Arthur Morgan blow up near the end of the game. She even mentions speaking to the ghost in the swamps of Lemoyne.

3 Crashed Airship Near Armadillo

The crashed airship located near Armadillo

A crashed airship can be found in the desert of New Austin. Located to the north of the Odd Fellow’s Rest cemetery is an airship with a reference to the first Red Dead Redemption. A name can be found on the tail of the ship — Charles Kinnear.

This is the name of a stranger found in the first game. Charles Kinnear can be found in Mexico trying to make a flying ship, requesting that the player find some supplies for him. After finding the supplies, returning to Charles will cause him to test out his invention. Sadly, Charles will instead crash straight into the ground and die.

2 Bounty Target Has John Marston’s Face

The bounty target Gene Finley and his wanted poster

Gene Finley is a legendary bounty target in Red Dead Online, but a closer look at his face might reveal someone familiar. Gene Finley will have the face of John Marston. Of course, facial hair can make it really hard to recognize someone’s face.

Despite sharing a face, Gene is different from John Marston. Gene was born to a wealthy family and led his own gang. Interestingly enough, however, Gene can be found at Shady Belle when being hunted by the online player.

1 Ghost Buck Appears

A Ghost Buck in the distance

After players make it to level 5 in the Naturalist role, they can ask Harriet about vitalism studies. Players can then find herbs, called Harrietum Officinalis, that can turn them into animals for a bit of time. The animals can range from bucks to little rabbits. Using these herbs on a campfire can give players a surprise.

Throwing the herbs into a campfire will cause a ghost buck to appear. Only the player can see the ghost buck by using their Dead Eye. The ghost buck will end up disappearing when players leave the camping area.

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