Bizarre Valorant Bug Removes Players Weapons and Abilities – GameRant


Bizarre Valorant Bug Removes Players Weapons and Abilities – GameRant

Following a recent update, Riot Game's Valorant is now facing a new glit

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Following a recent update, Riot Game’s Valorant is now facing a new glitch that is preventing players from being able to enjoy the game.

riot games weapon removal

A nasty bug has appeared in Valorant that takes away a player’s ability to use weapons and powers. Despite the recent update Riot Games released for Valorant, there looks to be a major problem still occurring in the game.

Since the title’s release, Riot Games has retained a consistent community of players. As a first-person hero shooter with a free-to-play format, Valorant captures some of the more popular mechanics in today’s industry. To improve the experience, Patch 2.03 changed up various heroes and added new modes like Escalation. However, it looks like these changes brought along a significant detriment to the gameplay.

One of the issues with this particularly glitch is there does not seem to be a cause. It can happen to a player at any time, regardless of the hero chosen or ability utilized. The problem was pointed out in a post from Reddit user EuphoriaJustice. In the video, the player’s team ended up losing due to the effects of this bug. It started with being unable to drop items, then prevented the user’s gun from working. After retreating from combat, it got even worse as the hero’s powers like throwing smoke or dashing stopped working.

In this example, the problems happened while playing as Valorant’s Jett. However, based on input from other players this glitch is not specific to that character. From the input so far, the bug can affect everything from shooting and jumping to using hero abilities. The problem did disappear when the players switched to a new round, but based on how randomly it could appear, it may only be a matter of time before the glitch strikes again. There has been no official response from Riot Games about the problem as of this writing.

In a fast-paced first-person shooter, being unable to shoot a gun is probably the worst thing that can happen. Regardless of which Valorant Agents are the best or the worst, all abilities are key to performing well. With this bug preventing both mechanics, it is not surprising that fans have taken to the web for support. It is unfortunate that Riot has not acknowledged the glitch yet, but it’s likely the developer will eventually. Hopefully it is just a matter of releasing a hotfix or minor patch, because otherwise matches could be frustrating for some time.

It is possible that the developer has not responded to the problem yet because of frequency. Just because some players online have noticed this problem does not mean it is widespread. Since Valorant received updates with changes recently, there is little doubt Riot Games will be looking to improve its title more soon enough.

Valorant is available now on PC.

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