Business with multiple stores left to figure out COVID protocols county to county – Fox 59


Business with multiple stores left to figure out COVID protocols county to county – Fox 59

Posted: Apr 7, 2021 / 04:16 AM EDT / Updated: Apr 7, 2021 / 04:32 AM EDT NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — W

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — With the statewide mask mandate officially gone, the choice to require masks now falls to counties and businesses. It can get tough for companies with establishments in numerous counties.

“It’s a weird world we are in right now, so we have a shop in downtown Noblesville and a store on Mass Ave,” explained Moonshot Games owner Jayson Manship. “Rules are different in both of those locations, and we are doing our best to serve our communities in both places.”

The pandemic has been good for Moonshot Games. With people stuck at home, sales did so well that they opened a toy store near their first location in Noblesville and another game shop on Massachusetts Avenue in downtown Indy.

At their downtown shop, masks will be required at all times because Marion County is one of six counties keeping mask mandates. Hamilton County will only require them for county buildings. It’s left Moonshot to decide how to operate their Noblesville location. People will not be required to wear masks when strictly shopping, but when they host larger card tournaments they will need to wear one.

“My understanding is both time and proximity have a lot to do with it,” said Manship of COVID-19. “When you come in for an event, sometimes those can last three to four hours. If you want gloves, we have gloves for you. If you need a mask, we have masks for you, and we have plexiglass shield providers. It’s a balance, and I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer.”

“Tonight I couldn’t pass up what they were doing,” said Will Casselman who came to Moonshot for a tournament. “Moonshot chooses to keep it enforced [for tournaments.] I don’t care. I understand there are discretions, and when it feels right I think that’s the answer.”

Manship says other entertainment venues in Noblesville that involve being active for a long time seem to be keeping mask mandates, however he says restaurants are more likely to relax protocols since people are often unmasked while eating or drinking anyway. As of Wednesday morning, 14 counties were fully removing mask mandates.