Clubhouse Chats Streamed Externally: How Safe Is The Audio Chat App?


Clubhouse Chats Streamed Externally: How Safe Is The Audio Chat App?

Concerns have now been raised over how secure Clubhouse conversations ar

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Concerns have now been raised over how secure Clubhouse conversations are after one user managed to stream multiple rooms to a third-party website.

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Clubhouse security questions are now being asked after recordings were found to have been taken from the audio-only app and streamed elsewhere. With Clubhouse being so new, it is still an app in development with a number of hurdles that need to be overcome, including device support and accessibility in general. It looks like security can now be added to the list as well.

One of the unique selling points with Clubhouse is that it is an audio-only app. More specifically, an audio-only app where conversations can only be heard in real time. The app doesn’t offer an option to record, save, or download conversations for later, and this also generally means that conversations should not make it online elsewhere. Essentially, what happens in Clubhouse, stays in Clubhouse.

However, one person was able to stream conversations from within the app to another website, according to a new Bloomberg report. A spokesperson for the app appears to have confirmed the incident and that multiple Clubhouse rooms were affected. In response, the user has been banned and new measures have already been adopted to try and stop a repeat of the incident happening. Clubhouse didn’t provide any firm information on what these newer safeguards consist of.

Should You Expect Privacy On Clubhouse?

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The simple answer is, no. Although the same could probably be said for any app these days. While Clubhouse does do its best to provide a secluded environment for conversations, there are many reasons to assume that’s easier said than done. Elon Musk recently had a conversation with the CEO of Robinhood on Clubhouse and that was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. There have also been concerns raised about the technology in use, following a recent report which highlighted vulnerabilities that could lead to third-parties gaining access to the app and its activities. Clubhouse responded to that previous report in a similar way it has with the latest one, by adding new safeguards.

In reality, Clubhouse users should not automatically assume that conversations are guaranteed to be private and this is irrespective of any protections that are already in place or will be soon. While they can assume the likelihood of privacy, it is unlikely to be something that can be absolutely guaranteed all of the time, with reports like this only likely to increase as time goes on. Ultimately, the best and possibly the only way to guarantee that certain things said in a Clubhouse conversation do not spread elsewhere is to not say them to begin with. While Clubhouse is poised to be an interesting and useful tool for conversing with others online, self-moderation is always going to be the best form of protection.

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Source: Bloomberg


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