Law roundup: Woman worried about friend’s monkey business – Daily Inter Lake


Law roundup: Woman worried about friend’s monkey business – Daily Inter Lake

A woman told the Kali

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A woman told the Kalispell Police Department she was worried her friend got into a scam that involved “trying to purchase a monkey for the Billings zoo.” The friend said she was “afraid she is going to get in trouble.” The caller’s questions were apparently answered.

A mother from Virginia showed up “uninvited” at someone’s house in Kalispell. The woman apparently started “knocking on the door and yelling” before being removed from the property.

Another woman allegedly gave her driver’s license to an employee at a motel. The employee told her “he needed to hold onto her driver’s license,” but when she went to check out, the staff no longer had her identification.

A guest at a different motel was asked to leave after he “destroyed” a room. He allegedly refused to go until law enforcement arrived.

A man walking toward Woodland Park seemed “out of it,” according to an observer. The caller said the pedestrian “walks like a really drunk person.” He was worried the incompetent walker might “fall into traffic” before officers made contact with him.

Someone was suspicious of two men who seemed to be checking the doors of vehicles. The caller said she “believe[d] they were keeping in contact through cellphones.” Officers found two men matching the given description, but they “didn’t see anything suspicious.”

A man on a bicycle gave a “throat slit motion” to drivers.

A woman tried to steal an electric toothbrush from a large retail store in North Kalispell, but employees recovered the toothbrush.