Mexico firearm manufacturer’s business license at risk | Mid-Missouri News | – KOMU 8


Mexico firearm manufacturer’s business license at risk | Mid-Missouri News | – KOMU 8


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VANDIVER VILLAGE – The business license of Mexico, Missouri-based Anatolian Arms may not be renewed due to a dispute over ammunition manufacturing.

The city sent them a letter stating they would not be renewing their business license because the company manufactures ammunition. Because the business resides in a commercial zone, ammunition production is prohibited. 

The owners of the arms business say they don’t manufacture ammunition but repurpose used casings. CEO Will Johnson claims the city has been contradictory in their communication and dodged their questions.

“Why have we never been cited by the city? Why is this never been brought to our attention before we received a letter of we’re not renewing your business license? We want to know these answers. We’ve asked these questions and instead of answering the questions, they dodge them completely,” Johnson said.

City attorney Louis Leonatti said that whether the company is manufacturing or repurposing ammunition, it’s not allowed in a commercial zone. They would be allowed to sell ammo in Mexico but not make it there. Leonatti says that he has not been contacted by the company or an attorney representing them.

“I asked them if they have an attorney, if they have an attorney to contact us. We’d be glad to talk to them. But repurposing is not permitted in a commercial district,” Leonatti said.

Anatolian Arms’ business license will expire in 90 days. If the city does not renew their license, Johnson says he will file an appeal.