Microsoft Edge 91 Really, Really Wants You to Use Bing


Microsoft Edge 91 Really, Really Wants You to Use Bing

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The browser has been spamming users to change their default search engine to Microsoft’s own… even if they already have.

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If you used Microsoft Edge lately, you may have noticed that the browser practically gets on its hands and knees to beg of you to change your default search engine to Bing. Rest assured, it’s not just you—a lot of people, including those who already use Bing, are being pestered in the exact same way.

Microsoft Edge’s Adamant Case for Bing

The annoying problem was spotted by Softpedia, who noticed Edge users taking to internet forums and discussion boards to air their grievances.

You can take a look for yourself on the Windows 10 subreddit. Lots of people are reporting that Microsoft Edge is now hounding them to use “Microsoft recommended browser settings,” which sets the default search engine to Bing.

Not only that, but Edge doesn’t seem to get the hint when the user tells them “no.” Even worse, if someone surrenders to the barrage of requests and sets Bing as their default search engine… they still get prodded.

As it turns out, the repetitive messages were not a ploy by Microsoft to get more people onto using Bing. After all, it was hitting those who already use Microsoft’s products by default—what would bombarding them achieve?

Instead, users are coming to realize that this is most likely a bug with the new version of Edge. As such, the community has created bug report posts that detail how often the pop-up appears and when.

Even on these bug reports, there are signs that people’s patience are beginning to wear thin:

This is not consent. This also isn’t the first time Microsoft have tried doing this type of nonsense. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that this is an accidental bug and it will be quickly rectified, however I’m pretty close to replacing Edge with Vivaldi across all machines at the moment. It shouldn’t even be asking once, as the search engines are managed by Group Policy.

If you currently use Microsoft Edge, just know that this is a known bug and that it should be fixed soon. And if it gets too much, there are plenty of Chromium browsers that are better than Chrome that you can use until Microsoft publishes a fix for this annoying issue.

Damned If You Use Bing, Damned If You Don’t

Regardless of if you use Bing as your main search engine, or you’d much rather use something else, Microsoft Edge really wants you to set it as your main search engine—even if it already is. Fortunately, it appears to be more of a bug than a nefarious Microsoft scheme and should be fixed soon.

If you can, try not to let this small blip distract you from the strides Edge has taken lately. We recently compared Microsoft Edge to Firefox, and find the former packing a much bigger punch than it once did.



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