Outriders: 7 Things It Does Better Than Gears Of War


Outriders: 7 Things It Does Better Than Gears Of War

Many players want to know the ways in which Outriders is comparable to Gears of War, and how e

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Many players want to know the ways in which Outriders is comparable to Gears of War, and how exactly this newer game outperforms its predecessor.

Outriders is an action co-op RPG that just came out on multiple platforms on April 1st. The game itself was lauded for its fun gameplay and excellent shooter-looter mechanics. However, it was also criticized for its terrible server performance. Regardless, a lot of players still ultimately enjoyed the game. It is the gameplay that matters, after all. Interestingly, the gameplay of Outriders has been compared by many with another shooter game by the name of Gears of War.

This comparison actually holds ground considering People Can Fly, the developers behind Outriders, worked on Gears of War and Gears of War: Judgment. Being their latest title, there are a couple of things about Outriders that make it stand out from the other games in the same genre, Gears of War included.

7 Character Creation

outriders cc

The Gears of War games has tons of decent characters that you can play as. Often times, you will get the chance to control more than one characters in one game. You also have the option to customize their looks in terms of armor skins and weapons, but you still can’t decide how a character is going to look like physically.

This is where Outriders has an edge. In this game, you get to create your own main character. You get to decide how the character looks like, sound like, certain features, and sex. Although the character customization options of Outriders is very limited compared to most games of today, its mere presence is a welcome for many.

6 Looter Mechanic

Outriders gameplay screenshot

The looter mechanic in Outriders is highly gratifying. Although everything still falls under the hands of the RNG gods, you will most certainly find some of the game’s best weapons even if you just stick to the main storyline. Those who are willing to go off the beaten path will receive even greater and more satisfying rewards.

Since Gears of War isn’t exactly a looter game, you won’t be able to receive this type of satisfaction from it—or at least, not as much as Outriders.

5 Threat Level

outriders combat

While both Outriders and Gears of War aren’t exactly difficult games, every once in a while, these games do present the players with decent challenges, albeit considerate ones. However, those who love to feel the adrenaline brought upon by artificial threats will find that feeling more prominent in Outriders.

Most of the time, the enemies in Gears of War can be taken down during the first encounter. In Outriders, however, certain moments and areas in the game will present the players with a difficulty spike. Enemies, mini-bosses, and bosses will suddenly appear that are way tougher than anything you will have faced thus far in the game.

4 The Gunplay And Combat

Outriders gameplay screenshot

Despite being advertised as a cover shooter like Gears of War was, Outriders’ combat system is actually much more direct. You won’t survive in this game if you constantly rely on covers because of how intuitive, and sometimes sketchy the enemies in this game can be.

If you prefer a fast-paced shooter game that only relies on cover system minimally, then you will find great pleasure in Outriders’ gunplay. Besides that, a lot of the weapons in the game also have incredible and unconventional designs.

3 Difficulty System

outriders world tier

Outriders’ difficulty mechanic is not the typical “Easy, Normal, or Hard” options, or in Gears of War’s case, “Casual, Hardcore, and Insane.” Instead, you are given World Tiers. What this means is the higher your World Tier is, the more difficult the experience is. At the same time, this also means that the enemies have a higher chance of dropping better items.

This makes the difficulty of Outriders very rewarding. If you’re willing to go through the game’s more unforgiving difficulties, the more bountiful the rewards are going to be. What’s more is that the World Tier options will increase more and more as you progress through the game, as long as you’ve been constantly playing at the highest possible World Tier.

2 The Abilities

Outriders Classes Fighting Together

Aside from the myriad of guns that you can pick up and use in Outriders, you are also given awesome superpowers that you can use to obliterate anyone and anything in your path. There are four different classes in Outriders and all of them have unique abilities that will force you to play differently. This also makes the game so much more replayable.

The existence of powers in the game don’t negate the gunplay either. The game does well in maintaining the balance between gunplay and abilities. It forces you to utilize both at maximum capacity, which makes the game so engaging and exhilarating.

1 More Freedom

Outriders gameplay screenshot

Gears of War’s progression is somewhat linear. It may be not as linear as most single-player story driven games, but in comparison to Outriders, you will have less freedom where exploration is concerned. Outriders is also somewhat linear, especially in the beginning. However, you have the liberty to jump from one location to another at all times.

The caveat with Outriders is that when crossing between areas, you will be greeted with a loading screen, which negates the illusion of making this game feel like a semi-open-world.

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