Samsung Confirms New Galaxy Watches–None of Them Will Come With a Power Adapter


Samsung Confirms New Galaxy Watches–None of Them Will Come With a Power Adapter

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Samsung Galaxy
(Photo : Pixabay/natchayapong) Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung has confirmed that it will launch new smartwatches after it moves on from Tizen. The watches will come with Wear OS, and there are at least two new series that are coming, the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 4.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

The four devices have been certified at 3C, the Chinese Compulsory Certification, with a 5W charger, but more interestingly, none of the smartwatches will come with a power adapter.

The four variants are for the Chinese market since Samsung always marks the devices with a 0 at the end of the model number.

According to GSMArena, SM-R860 stands for Galaxy Watch Active 4 39mm, SM-R870 is Galaxy Watch Active 4 43mm, SM-R880 is Galaxy Watch 4 41mm, and SM-R890 is Galaxy Watch 4 45mm.

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The first of those four smartwatches have already been certified with a battery of 247 mAh, meaning that the other three smartwatches are likely to get bigger power cells.

However, Samsung has decided to stick to the 5W charging, and fans should not be surprised to see the charging dock released in 2020 in the retail box too.

The new Samsung wearables are likely to arrive in August together with the new Galaxy Z foldable smartphones, but Samsung has not announced anything official just yet, according to Tech Radar.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Leak

One of the things that fans are hoping for from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is better battery life. However, the leak suggests that there is no change to the battery size.

This comes from SGS Flmko, a Finnish certification agency, in a listing posted by Tech Radar, which includes Samsung smartwatch model numbers SM-R865F and SM-R860, both of which have previously been linked to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

According to the listing, the wearable has a 247 mAh battery, which is the same capacity as the 41mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

That suggests that fans are looking at the smaller model, which could be 41mm again or 42mm. It also suggests that the larger model will have a 340 mAh battery like the 45mm Galaxy Watch 3. 

The battery life may not be any better on the new models. It might even be a bit worse, given that rumors suggest that wearables will have larger cases, which means it will have larger screens, according to Sam Mobile.

There is some hope as they might also have a powerful and efficient new chipset, reducing the battery drain. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will likely run an overhauled version of Wear OS instead of the Tizen, which is sure to affect battery life for the better.

Aside from the battery size, this certification listing also mentioned 5W charging, which might sound a bit slow, but since the smartwatch is small and will come with a small battery, it should be enough to charge the watch quickly.

While fans should take the leaks with a pinch of salt, certifications tend to be accurate, and now there are not conflicting rumors. Fans will soon find out if the Galaxy watches have better battery life. 

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