This is a press release from the City of Eureka:

Hello! My name is Natalie. I’m what I call the Queen of Happy Donuts, also the face of Happy Donuts. here too.  Everyone calls me from the Donut Princess, upgraded to the Donut Queen!

Happy Donuts is a family-owned business for a few a few generations now. Happy Donuts have been here for close to three decades.  We’re known as the Best Donut in Humboldt County in the Best of North Coast for many years as well.

We want to make sure that every morning we get to serve fresh, delicious donuts and hot coffee to the community to start their day out better.

We also serve breakfast burritos, biscuts and gravy, and also breakfast croissants. We have Chinese food for lunchtime as well.

We normally have prep around 2 AM, 1 or 2 AM.  Then we open at five in the morning. We want to have all of the stuff ready around 6 AM, to make sure we serve all of the fresh, delicious food to all of our customers in the morning.  So, when you come around 6:30 AM, everything is still nice and warm. By that time, I’ve already had a dozen donut holes!

Everything that we serve here is all homemade, family recipes.

Every day, it’s constantly just go, go, go, nonstop. It’s like one after one, but it’s never been a long day for me. When you enjoy your job, it just never a day of working. It just a happy and enjoyable day. And 90% of our customer here are repeat customers which I’ve been calling friends and family for quite some time. Every time when I get to see them, it’s just, it’s so fun. And it just makes my days go much better.

The City of Eureka has been helping not just Happy Donuts, but all business in Eureka as well. Since COVID, they’ve tried to come up with all kinds of different programs and different projects to help out all the business in Eureka. They call out every one to support local businesses.

It’s such an honor to receive Business of the Year as well. We have a lot in our community that show love and support and congratulates us. It’s just, it’s heartwarming. And that is such an honor to receive this Business of the Year from City of Eureka. It’s like a dream come true.

The reasons that brought me here is I’m in love with the nature. I love the beauty, the mountains, the redwood trees, the oceans. Eureka has it all. And the most important is the people. All the people in this community are so sweet, so full of love and kindness.

It’s just such a blessing to live here in this beautiful county, and we’re surrounded by such beautiful and loving people in this community.

Every day when I’m here, it’s just another happy day for me.