Valheim Player Rebuilds Skyrim’s High Hrothgar In-Game


Valheim Player Rebuilds Skyrim’s High Hrothgar In-Game

A Valheim player recreated The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's High Hrothgar m

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A Valheim player recreated The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s High Hrothgar monastery in the open-world survival title, and it’s widely impressive.

High Hrothgar in Skyrim

A Valheim player took the time to recreate Skyrim‘s High Hrothgar monastery in-game, and it’s nothing short of an impressive sight. Though it just hit Steam Early Access this month, Valheim is already taking the world by storm. In less than three weeks of availability on the platform, the survival title from developer Iron Gate managed to sell a staggering three million units.

As a 1 to 10-player experience, the game drops battle-slain warriors into the 10th Norse realm of Valheim to withstand harsh elements and defeat the mythical creatures that roam about. There’s even more to it than that, however, as players can also craft and build anything from weapons and frost arrows to fermenters and roads. Valheim players are becoming increasingly creative, too, putting the title’s various systems to the test. 

Reddit user McBadWord went above and beyond when it came to putting Valheim’s crafting and building mechanics to good use. Not content with simply constructing a house or road system, the player completely recreated the High Hrothgar sanctuary – home to the Greybeards in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In Skyrim, High Hrothgar sits atop the highest mountain in Tamriel and is accessible via the Seven Thousand Steps that wrap around said mountain. McBadWord seems to have followed the locale’s specifications as closely as possible with their homage in Valheim. Even the interior areas showcase a remarkable attention to detail.

The dedication and care that fans put into projects like this never ceases to amaze. That Valheim has fostered this level of creativity less than three weeks after its Early Access launch warrants praise, as well. It’s also worth noting that High Hrothgar’s serving as the basis of such dedication is especially fitting, given Skyrim’s influence on Valheim’s development.

Developer Iron Gate released Valheim on Steam Early Access earlier this month, a status it’s expected to maintain throughout this year. As of now, there is no word on when exactly the studio will release the co-op survival title in full, but players need not worry about Iron Gate’s commitment to the project. Several major updates are planned throughout Valheim’s Early Access period, including those that add in moon phases, sandbox mode, a brand-new biome, and a number of unspecified combat improvements.

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Valheim is available to purchase now on PC via Steam Early Access.

Source: McBadWord